1939 Born in England, Australian father, English mother.
1954 Finished private education
1957 Diploma in commerce, Chiswick Polytechnic.
1958 Camera Salesman (Professional Equipment) Pelling & Cross, Baker Street. Attended Hammersmith School of Building Arts & Crafts.
1960 Worked at Ilford Ltd, Essex learning how to make film, study making X-ray material.
1961 Travelled to Australia via SS Stratheden for Illford to work at Illford on Cibachrome project.Worked for Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABV2), film editing and sound track, laying news and current affairs.
1963 Shared photographic studio with Nigel Buesst in east Melbourne, Australia.Photography in Australia, weddings, children, social, PR, fashion, for Vogue, Flair magazine Sydney, in house fashions and many other companies. Ford Australia, ICI, Commonwealth Bank, automotive products, advertising agencies. Photographed artists, Mirka Mora, Peter Burns, Donald Laylock, Asher Bilu, Neil Douglas, Tom Roberts, John Percival, John and Sunday Reid, Charles Blackman, Martin Sharp and Olivia Newton John.
1964 Own studio in Flinders lane, Melbourne. Fashion, PR photography. Started working on Photomontage using an enlarger to create montage effects.Brian Epstein (Beatles manager) proposes to management of Robert Whitaker as Photographer and Artistic adviser to Nems Enterprises.Travel to England. Managed by Brian Epstein , photographing his artists.October to December, photography in the UK. Photographs of The Beatles in EMI Abbey Road Studios. Pictures published in the Sunday Express. Photographed The Beatles on Tour of UK. Photographed The Beatles in Faringdon Road, London, for The Beatles 65 record cover in USA (Summer, Winter, Autumn, Spring). Photographed Billy J Krammer, Cilla Black, Gerry and the Pacemakers for publicity.
1965 Photographed The Beatles on US Tour, including Shea Stadium, Ed Sullivan Show, New York, Toronto, Minneapolis, Houston, Atlanta, Portland and Los Angeles. Photographed The Beatles on the set of “Help” in UK. Photographed John and Cynthia Lennon at their home in Weybridge. Photographed The Beatles at Sheriff Rd studios, with help from Carol Russel and Stewart Brisley. Photos included use of polystyrene and silver plastic material. Pop art and Auto Destruct Happenings. Photographed Gerry and the Pacemakers for “River Across the Mersey” record cover. Photographed Cilla Black, Billy J Kramer, Tommy Quickley, Cliff Bennet and the Rebel Rousers (publicity pictures).
1966 March 25, Photographed The Beatles at No.1 The Vale, Chelsea Studios, of Olfa Nielsen. Photographs were used on “Yesterday and Today” record cover in the USA (the Butcher session of photographs). Published a book “Beatles USA Ltd” Photographs The Beatles in Chiswick park, EMI Abbey Road studios for promo film of “Paperback Writer” and “Rain”. One image used for back of record cover “Revolver”. June, Toured with The Beatles to Germany, Japan and Manila. Contracted to Bravo magazine, Germany. Life Magazine in Tokyo. One image used for “Oldies but Goldies” record cover.Leave Epstein, rent studio, 4 Joubert Studios, Chelsea. Shared with Martin Sharp, Later co-founder/photographer OZ magazine. Started photographing Australian group “The Seekers”. Produced a book ”I am the Seekers”. Record covers for albums, sheet music, and ep’s “Seekers in the green. Cilla Black record cover, “Cilla sings a Rainbow” Trevor Lucas record cover, “The Overlander”. Goes to Berlin to Photograph Julie Felix in the making of the film “Der Founding”
1967 Richard Neville arrives in the UK on April fools day. Neville, Sharp, Whitaker start OZ Magazine. Photographed for Jeremy Fry his “Unlimited” collection of art productions. Photographed Man Ray in Paris. Photographed events on Kings Road, London, the beginning of the Psychedelic era.
1968 Continued photographing for OZ magazine. Made 35mm film of one of Martin Sharps cartoons “Darling do you love me” with Germaine Greer, a four minute comic opera, which won places in five film festivals three weeks after completion. Toured the UK with the band “The Cream”. Produced with Martin Sharp record cover “Disraeli Gears”. Produced with Martin Sharp for OZ magazine, “Plant a Flower Child”. Photographed Ravi Shankar.
1969 Toured and Photographed “The Seekers” in Australia for Channel 9 TV company. Photographed for Tony Richardson the film Ned Kelly, starring Mick Jagger. Photographed Dali in Cadaquez, Spain. Continued photographing Dali until 1972 in Barcelona, Paris and many times at his home. Photographed the Grosvenor Square anti Vietnam war demonstration. Photographed “Terry Street” in Hull for London magazine. Worked on the film “Performance” with Mick Jagger. Photographed clothing for Ossie Clark.Photographed Joseph Loseys film “The Go Between” Travelled to Gibraltar  Morocco, for Peter Styvesant, photographing the Gibraltar Straits demonstrations. Photographed in the Vietnam war for the New York times and Time & Life magazine. Wounded in Cambodia whilst working for Life magazine. Travelled to Venice. Photographed Peggy Guggenheim and Family.
1971 Photographed the war in Bangladesh for the London Observer. Photographed Northern Ireland conflict for Time Magazine. Took photos on the film “The Jerusalem File” made by Ram Ben Efraim in Israel.
1972 Married Susan and started a farm, continued farming until 1987
1973 Photographed on the film “Dead Cert” by Dick Francis.
1974 Photographed the Osmond Brothers during their London tour for the BBC and many other programs.
1980 Photographed on the film “The Formula” with John Gielgud, George Scott, and M.Keller in Germany and St.Moritz. Photographed Malcome Muggeridge at the Berlin Wall.
1982 Worked on film “Scarlet Pimpernel” with Anthony Andrews, and Jane Seymour.
1983 Photographed on film “Champions” for Lord Grades company ITC.
1990 Travel to Germany and Japan to retrieve lost Beatles negatives and transparencies. First sale of a Beatles photo through Christies.
1991 Produced the Book “The Unseen Beatles”. Travelled to the USA on Book Tour for Collins, San Francisco, and appeared on the Joan Rivers Show, and others.
1996 Photograph for Richard Nevilles book “Hippie Hippie Shake”.
2000/1 Agfa’s Picture of the Year “Whitograph”, Sienna Gallery. Continue to make Whitographs of artists, Sir Anthoney Caro, Howard Arkley, Robert Hunter amongst others.
2002-2011 Bob worked on creating a digital archive of his work and continued to produce books, exhibitions and new photographic ideas including the “Whitograph”.
2011 September 20th, England, Robert Whitaker passes away after a long battle with cancer.
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