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New Exhibition: We Love The Beatles at Snap Galleries

From Saturday 2 June until Saturday 7 July, Snap Galleries, present a new exhibition, We Love The Beatles. For just over a month they are turning over the entire gallery

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Salvador Dalí. Robert Whitaker. 1967-1972

#DalíWhitaker If you’re in Spain or going to Spain and anywhere near Barcelona, then make sure to head over to The Dalí Theatre – Museum in

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The Beatles Butcher Cover

On the 25th March 1966, a photo session which was to become a notorious part of The Beatles’ history took place: the infamous ‘butcher cover’ pictures were taken. The session

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The Beatles exhibition at The Hague

Running from 6th October 2017 to 21st January 2018 The Beatles exhibition at The Hague

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Images of a Woman | Art in a Corner

Please visit our friends website to read all about this fantastic project: ART IN A CORNER Inspired by Images of a Woman, the only known painting ever made by The

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The Beatles Japan

The Beatles Japan. Recently, we had an exhibition in Japan to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the Beatles performance in Japan, 1966. The immensely popular exhibit concluded on the

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