Mirka Mora Family


mirka beach
Mirka Mora and family, Aspendale, Port Philip Bay, Australia, 1964. Apparently Bob saw Mirka as “The Queen Bee”, which is why all the guys are behind. Photo – Robert Whitaker


Mirka Mora
 is a renowned French-born Australian Visual artist who has contributed significantly to the development of Contemporary Art in Australia. Her mediums include painting, sculpture and mosaics.

The Mora family beach house at Aspendale was a real creative social hub and Bob was often there. Martin Sharp and Bob became close friends through the Mora family at that time and it was a mutually catalytic relationship from day one–they egged each other on with ideas in London and lived next door to each other. They were very different personalities but had a lot in common–art, surrealism, looking for muses, adventurous in spirit .

This Photo was taken during a farewell party for Bob leaving Australia. The older guy is Georges Mora, on the left with his hand on Philippe Mora’s head. The little kids are Tiriel and William Mora–the other man is a disguished Australian archtect Peter Burns, the blonde lady is Martin Sharps girlfriend Anou. Martin has the binoculars. The woman holding a baby is the late Gayne Bilu. Photo – Robert Whitaker