John Lennon’s 74th Birthday

Today would have been John Lennon’s 74th Birthday.  Events are happening around the world to celebrate the occasion.

in celebration of John Lennon’s 74th birthday on October 9, eight essential studio albums, two compilations, and the acclaimed John Lennon Signature Box are making their high definition digital audio debuts.


Robert Whitaker remembered John Lennon in Life Books “25 Years Later” which featured this image as its front cover.

“It Was John I felt quite at home with, and we got to be very friendly.  We’d talk about Dali or Magritte or other painters.  We used to paint together, discussing odd things–the solidity of objects here and in space.  I think that one had a bit to do with LSD”


John Lennon. London, 1965.  Photo: ©Robert Whitaker
John Lennon. London, 1965. Photo: ©Robert Whitaker

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