Studio to Stereo

Proud Galleries and Sony are thrilled to bring you Studio to Stereo; an exhibition of iconic photographs that go behind-the-scenes and into the studio with some of the world’s most successful and demanding recording artists. The exhibition delivers a true experience of music as the artists intended and delves into the fastidious, compulsive and obsessive measures that artists explore to achieve the perfect sound.

Bringing their different expertise together, Proud and Sony have curated this special collection which span over 50 years. Featuring work by photographers Kevin Westenberg, Frank Lisciandro, Robert Whitaker, Andrew Whittuck, Matt Sav, Chris Walter and John Byrne Cooke alongside special re-mastered tracks by The Doors, Coldplay, Paul McCartney, Tame Impala, Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and Bob Dylan, this exhibition pays homage to their artistry.

From Frank Lisciandro’s fly-on-the wall photo-session with The Doors while they were making of their final album, L.A. Woman, recorded in the bands offices and workshop on Santa Monica Boulevard, Jim Morrison was reported to have recorded vocals in the building’s bathroom to get the perfect echo, to Matt Sav capturing precious moments with Tame Impala when Kevin Parker refused to reveal the positioning of his snare microphone in the room in which he records lest others emulate it, this exhibition is a unique opportunity to be immersed in the music as the artists intended it to be heard: the clarity of every reverberation, the depth of every note, the sound of the air moving in the space they chose to record in.

Proud Galleries and Sony are honoured to bring you Studio to Stereo, a unique experience of music combining both visual and auditory experiences with this special collection of photographs showing these artists whilst at their creative zenith during these special recording sessions and is a celebration of their genius.

The exhibit features the latest in Sony Hi-Res Audio, from the authentic sound of the MDR-Z7 headphones to the smallest Hi-Res Audio player and the NWZ-A15 Walkman.

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