Revolver Back Cover


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The Beatles

Revolver back cover


Limited Edition estate stamped print

16×20″ in an edition of 75

20″x24″ in an edition of 50

Beatles’ Revolver reissue shows band in new light: ‘This is the record where we were each most ourselves’

The LP’s back cover included a photograph of the Beatles,”shaded by the hip modesty of sunglasses and cigarette smoke”. The photo was part of a series taken by Robert Whitaker during the filming at Abbey Road on 19 May and demonstrated the Beatles’ adoption of fashions from boutiques that had recently opened in Chelsea, rather than the Carnaby Street designers they had favoured previously. From these Chelsea boutiques, Lennon wore a long-collared paisley shirt from Granny Takes a Trip, while Harrison was dressed in a wide-lapelled velvet jacket designed by Hung on You. #thebeatles #Beatlesrevolver #beatleswhitaker #fashion#hungonyou #grannytakesatrip #botique #johnlennon#ringostarr #georgeharrison #paulmccartney #beatlesforever#beatlesfan #1966


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